Packed Crowd Celebrates CBF Funded Talent Night’s 3rd Birthday

kustom vibes chris bevington

Kustom Vibes, a CBF-funded talent night run by the youth music charity Audio Active, celebrated its third birthday in front of a packed crowd this week. Kustom Vibes takes place every month at the Rose Hill Tavern in Brighton, providing an all-important space for young people of all ages to perform in front a crowd, many for the first time. After the event, CBF Trustee Sam Haddad said: “I was blown away with the performances tonight and I think Chris would have been too; he would have especially loved the open mic synch. Kustom Vibes is a reminder of how much talent there is out there, that would be overlooked if it wasn’t for charities such as Audio Active. To see young people arrive looking shy and nervous, then perform with such poise and pride, was an amazing thing.”

For future events visit Audio Active’s Facebook page .